A modern personal planned Approach

At Architektura, we do things differently and provide our clients the best results.

We are a privately held Architecture firm that surveys and assembles the right team for every project. Our long standing relationships with a diverse group of professionals throughout Michigan allows us to provide the highest quality work for the best price. On top of all of this, we pride ourselves in our ability to ensure every project is on budget and on schedule — eliminating any risk for our clients.

We bring a higher level of personalized service to each client and take the time necessary to understand your needs and goals.

Our process begins with listening, exploring, sketching, and often collaborating with other professionals in the area. When we want to see what a building will look like before construction, there are many ways that we can do it. First of all, our team uses hand sketches and physical models as well as the newest technology in BIM (Building Information Modeling). We also use 3D scanning for existing structures which allows us to have an idea on how they could be reimagined. We enjoy the process and follow the construction all the way through until the keys are in our client’s hands.

Our founder, Kirsten, grew up observing the talent and passion of her father, Gernot Runschke, a highly skilled architect, and that drove her lifelong aspiration to lead her own architectural practice. Kirsten started her journey by earning her master’s degree in architecture at the University of Illinois in Chicago and then spent the following 10+ years at an architecture firm working alongside, and learning from, her father. In 2013, Kirsten founded Architektura PLC, where she now spends her days solving design challenges and lends her creative talents and thoughtful insight to help clients realize their vision and ensure projects are successful from inception through construction.

Licensed and insured, Architektura provides quality architecture services to a variety of clients and serving the community in a powerful way. We are well known for our integrity, transparency, and stewardship to the community.